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You know that Zadavaka’s daily quizzes are totally free of charge. We are determined to keep the game this way, because knowledge should be free for all. Your joy and intellectual development bring us the greatest happiness one can ever find! And little Zadavaka is eager to give you food for thought as long as he lives and breathes!

However, we should not have the least bit of objection to your desire to help keep the project going by your kind donations. Any sum will matter!

Help Zadavaka’s project now

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If you decide to help, be assured that your money will work
in your own favor - to ensure

  • more challenging questions
  • more diversified categories
  • new playing modes(e.g., with running timer)
  • better spell-check
  • no right answers listed as wrong
  • more thorough proofreading
  • creativity
  • your wise mornings, brain-racking lunch breaks and evening intellectual fun
  • that Zadavaka has an outfit for every season
  • that poor wisdom-lacking children of Hitromudria can go to other planets to learn
  • that there is the spirit of curiosity, never-ending search of knowledge and wisdom and hearty food for thought

Help Zadavaka find the end of the rainbow – support his game!

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P.S. It is thanks to your support that we’ve finally been able to launch the long-intended Progress page! We’ve also started designing badges that will be given to players for various achievements in the game! Without your kind donations neither would have been realized! Isn’t it great to enjoy the new functionality and know that you were the driving force of the improvement?