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by Lou
I like the variety of the quizzes. I like the math and history challenges. I’m horrible at art and the geography questions cause me to see the map so I have known in a different light. The Milton history questions I have caused these isolated adult siblings to bond together. For the many things in the quizzes that are interesting. I appreciate very much the opportunity to increase the family bond that your quizzes give us.
by Jeanne Quigley
It is a lot of fun and addictive… I have learned a lot too!! Keeps an old mind active too!! Thanks .. some categories I never have paid attention to , like movies but still enjoy the learning.
by Mary Ann Holm
I love playing. I learn about the things I didn’t know. It’s fun and it’s nice when I know the answers to. Because the game gives me postive feed back when I answer correctly. I enjoy the animations and all the different subject of triva there are. I feel accomplished when I win a new badge and level up. I start playing and tell myself ok only play for a little while and before I know it I have played for a hour or more. It’s so fun I lose track of time.:)
by Steve Sloan
I’m hooked. I’ve been playing so long questions are getting very hard. But I do like when you repeat questions. Makes me remember them. This game is very good for the brain. I don’t read much so I don’t really care or all the book questions. Thank you for the game
by Richard Louis
I’m a senior & love your site a great deal. I’m only highschool educated but real life educated in many venues. I don’t think there is anything you can change to make the games any better. Keeps the mind & brain active for me & marvel @ the things I’ve forgotten & remember as well. Keep up the good work.
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Thank you!