Test your knowledge on one of the best TV series ever with our “Scrubs” quiz questions!

There are many TV genres from adventures and cooking TV shows to mystery and western TV series. They differ from each other by episode length, characters, the time period and social context described, but all these shows are amazing and captivating. The sitcom, or situation comedy, is one of the most popular TV series genres. We usually see characters who share a common environment like a workplace or a home with often-humorous dialogue. This genre is so popular because people can recognize themselves or their friends and acquaintances in funny sitcom situations and characters. And of course everyone has their favorites. Ask most people what the best sitcom of the modern era is, and they’ll probably say “The Seinfeld,” “The Arrested Development,” or "The Simpsons." Our team wouldn’t disagree with them. But while we understand that it may not be the best sitcom of the modern era, “Scrubs” is still one of our favorites. We offer you the Scrubs quiz to test yourself on how much you can remember from the hilarious television series.

We suppose there are two kinds of people on our planet, Scrub fans, and those other people. This Scrubs quiz is made by real fans, so some questions seem to be a little bit tricky! But they all are interesting and fun! What does J.D. stand for? What is the name of J.D. and Turk's dog? Dr Kelso had a hit with what country song in his younger days? There are many Scrubs fans, but only a few are true experts! Are you one of them? Let's find out!

[scrubs] is one of the most awesome shows on television, and we agree with this fact. However, there are many other films and television series worth to watch and explore. If you consider yourself as a film connoisseur try to deal with our free online Movies quiz questions! Choose the film category you prefer from fun Adventure Movies quiz to fun Comedies trivia game, or play them all to show off your film knowledge!

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