The Big Bang Theory Quiz Questions

A new challenge is coming like the Big Bang – we are glad to recommend our inquisitive test-takers to take this intriguing Big Bang Theory questions quiz!

Despite the growing popularity of other American sitcoms, TBBT still manages to hold a special place in the hearts of its viewers. The main heroes’ story looks absolutely incredible, almost impossible to believe in. However, bit by bit the audience gets absorbed in the ludicrous plot. Soon we even start to support the geeky, but kind and cute characters of Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons. Who can resist the temptation to meet the two weird scientists again and test his/her knowledge of the series? This new free Big Bang Theory trivia game is for the most dedicated fans of this unforgettable and hilarious sitcom who have no fear of the toughest questions about the most amusing facts ever mentioned in it!

This Big Bang Theory trivia quiz represents a whole bunch of tricky points taken from the TV show. You may have to recollect the names of minor characters, the smallest details of Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment or their funniest catchphrases. You will probably need to try hard to recall them all, but it is worth the effort! Take part in our Big Bang Theory quiz and collect WisePoints to fight for the title of the best player of the week!

No matter if you are a TBBT fan or not – you are sure to enjoy these Big Bang Theory quiz questions and find out new compelling facts about the structure of the universe! Stay curious and play our trivia game!

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