We’re excited to welcome the most genuine admirers of situation comedies, and are happy to offer you this new exciting Sitcoms question quiz!

Today it’s hard to imagine that the sitcom is a relatively new TV genre that appeared only in the middle of the previous century. We’ve got used to the fact that there are plenty of popular and extremely funny TV comedies like Friends, Scrubs, or The Big Bang Theory that will never let us get bored and will help us spend a wonderful evening in a good company. We’re always ready to laugh at the funniest situations the main characters find themselves in, and willingly share their grief and joy. The heroes never disappoint us, and all the time there are some new problems that they have to solve and new mistakes they have to correct, so they easily infect the viewers with their joy and enthusiasm! This Sitcoms quiz will give you an opportunity to check if you were attentive enough while watching your favorite comedies and have remembered the most important moments and characters. Take this Sitcoms trivia game right away and find out if you’re a true sitcom fan!

Our Sitcoms trivia quiz will entertain you with numerous tough and delightful questions about all famous TV situation comedies you’ve ever seen. We’ve done our best to make the game refreshing and captivating, so that you’d never feel you’re wasting your time and would discover some new interesting information about both well-known sitcoms and recently released TV shows. Try to recollect the names of some minor characters of the series, to call to your mind the most significant events that occur in this or that sitcom, or to guess the ending of some seasons. We believe you will easily cope with all the tasks we’ve prepared and will spend your time with pleasure!

Take our magnetic Sitcoms quiz to test your knowledge and to learn more curious facts that you could share with your friends! Get well-deserved WisePoints and extra bonuses to get to the top of our weekly rating!

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