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If you dream of becoming a pop star, if you often imagine yourself in the light of bright stage lamps, or if you enjoy other people’s singing, then our Voice trivia quiz is just the thing for you! We offer you to test your knowledge of one of the most popular reality television shows! The first singing competition was held in Holland. Today many countries have adapted the format, and a lot of aspiring singers have proved their exceptional gift. Answer our Voice quiz questions to learn more about the history and the format of the television show “The Voice”. You will find out some fun facts about its creators and producers, mentor-judges and contestants. Our Voice quiz questions will help you revive most glorious victories and tragic failures. You will remember how Evan McKeel brought Gwen Stefani to tears during the performance of Stevie Wonder’s song “Overjoyed”, the tense battle between Javier Colon and Dia Frampton during the finals of the 1st US season, and many other memorable moments as well. You will also learn about other international versions of the show, judges and winners! Press the button; turn your red I Want You chair towards our most captivating Voice trivia quiz!

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