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Muppet show is a unique phenomenon not only in the history of humor but also in the history of television and culture in general. The action takes place in Muppets’ theatre where creatures try to make a humorous show that features a star, although they seldom cope with this task. The star can be eaten by a monster; Crazy Harry can blow up the whole theatre. Fozzie Bear usually tells feeble jokes, Gonzo the Great, who is madly fond of hens, is unable to breathe into a musical instrument without further consequences, Miss Piggy, a singer, does her best to become famous. The life is in full swing in this theatre!
Initially Muppets were created for a children’s program “Sesame Street”. But its creator Jim Henson decided to make a show of his own. The humorous program ran on air from 1976 to 1981. Each edition consisted of a number of humorous sketches and each time a new star was invited to take part in it. We are glad to present to you some interesting fact about the show in general and you favorite characters in particular inMuppet Show trivia game.

Kermit the Frog, the compere of the show, initially was a lizard instead of the frog. Now that we are used to that character it’s difficult to imagine him being a lizard. Miss Piggy is a charming fashionista pig and has a very interesting biography. Her father died when she was young and her mother treated her badly. In order to survive, Miss Piggy decided to take part in numerous beauty contests. She is a rather curvaceous character, isn’t she? Once you know so much about these two characters, check if you watched the show closely enough. Take easy quiz questions on Muppet Show and see your result at once!

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