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There are plenty of various good TV shows that hold the attention of the audience for many hours and are able to entertain even the most pretentious viewers. But Bachelor show still stands out against other TV programs thanks to its freshness, innovative general idea, and of course dozens of beautiful participants and picturesque landscapes of California, England, New Zealand, and many other places. Although the show debuted in 2002, it still hasn’t lost its popularity and has even given rise to some spin-offs like The Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad. Chris Harrison, the host of Bachelor, has contributed to the great success of the program, and has added some special charm to it. We offer you to participate in this engrossing Bachelor quiz and discover some unknown but highly interesting facts about the production, plot, setting, and the details of all Bachelor seasons! Start our marvelous Bachelor trivia game and enjoy the tricky questions we’ve prepared just for you!

20 seasons of Bachelor have been released so far, and each of them is full of tense moments and situations. Our Bachelor trivia quiz gives you a chance to test if you’re an observant viewer and if you’ve managed to remember the most shocking events that have ever happened in the show. What were the name and the occupation of the first Bachelor? How many couples have built relationship afterwards? Who of the Bachelors is now successfully married to the girl he’s chosen in the show? These and lots of other Bachelor quiz questions are waiting for you to answer, and we’re absolutely sure you’ll successfully cope with them! In case you want to go on playing, we’ve got a compelling Voice quiz, a stunning American Idol trivia quiz, and dozens of other fascinating and thought-provoking games that’ll help you spend a great time!

Start our engaging online Bachelor question quiz, and you’ll definitely have fun! Win hundreds of WisePoints, earn special bonuses, and invite your friends to play together!

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