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If you decided to take our American Idol quiz, you must already know it is a singing TV show inspired by the British Pop Idol show, which, in its turn, was inspired by a New Zealand competition for singers. The aim of the show is to estimate the singing abilities and talents of amateur performers with the help of a panel of judges formed by famous figures of the music industry. The show’s viewers have an opportunity to engage with the contestants and to have a say in the overall results by means of voting. This is probably why American Idol held the position of the most-watched show on American television for 7 years in a row!

Here you will find challenging and easy quiz questions about American Idol - one of the most successful and impactful shows on American television and the numerous artists whose career it helped to launch. Having run nonstop for 14 years, the famous show is going to be closed in 2016 with season 15. And while you are waiting for the final season to start, why don’t you answer American Idol trivia quiz questions Zadavaka has prepared for you?

Which of the contestants confessed she wants to be a pirate? And who can see prophetic dreams? Who owns a small collection of knives? And who is the phenomenal acid-tongued judge? If you know the answers to these questions and are sure you know even more, this American Idol trivia quiz is a treasure chest of easy WisePoints for you!

Take the American Idol quiz, earn lots of WisePoints and become the Wisdom Idol by getting to the top of the weekly rating!

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