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There are some movies and TV series that are able to catch and to hold the attention of the audience with the peculiar atmosphere that doesn’t let us take our eyes off the screen. The X-files is definitely one of them, as it’s hard to explain what exactly made this TV show a cult series that has got millions of fans all over the world and made the names of Mulder and Scully almost generic. Based on a simple story of two FBI agents who search for the truth about aliens on our planet that is masterfully hidden by the government and is always “out there”, The X-files has become so popular due to the fantastic stories it tells us and unique characters that the producers have managed to create. The X-files quiz we’ve prepared for you includes numerous fantastic questions about the main characters, the most memorable supporting characters, the most exceptional and interesting episodes of the series, and other significant details. Take The X-files trivia game and be ready to have a great time with this unreal quiz!

Made with the minimum of special effects and computer graphics, The X-files captivates us mostly with the novelty of the plot, great acting, tense atmosphere, and lots of tough and scary riddles that the main heroes have to solve to save people and to capture the truth. What is Monster of the Week? Why is Mulder so obsessed with the extraterrestrial life on the Earth and with UFOs? Why is Scully made Mulder’s partner? These and dozens of other The X-files quiz questions won’t let you get bored and will help you spend wonderful time recollecting the best moments of this amazing TV series! Try our Star Trek question quiz or Doctor Who trivia quiz if you’re a true fan of fantastic and mysterious TV shows!

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