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The popularity of the Walking Dead TV series nearly blew up cable television in the US! And it spread further and very soon the whole world found itself in the grips of its thrilling plot! Do you want to know how the Walking Dead managed to capture such a broad audience? Millions of people do, so hurry up to become one of them and takeThe Walking Dead free quiz! The action of this TV series is based on comics with the same name, although there are some intentional discrepancies. The show tells the story that started several days before the zombie apocalypse. A group of people has been facing death ever since and trying to survive. If you have read the comics and are sure what will happen in the next season, you’d better watch it as you will be only partially right. Frank Darabont, the producer of the series, once said that they do not create it for the readers of the comics, they create the series for everybody. The fact that there are over 20 characters in the series and only 10 of them were mentioned in the comics proves the producer’s statement.

Let’s consider some interesting facts connected with the TV series. In the first season the viewer would never hear the word ‘zombie’, although it is quite clear that it is them who pose the main threat. Doctor Edwin Jenner’s name wasn’t chosen occasionally. The British scientist of the same name was the first to discover the smallpox vaccine. He offered to inject cow-pox virus into the human organism to protect people against this virus. By the way, if you think that anyone can pretend to be a zombie just like that, you are mistaken. The actors of this series had to study in a special zombie school to move in a realistic way. In The Walking Dead challenging quiz you will also learn about the invented trade mark of cigarettes “Morley”. (You can also see it in The X-Files), crossbow “Horton Scout HD 125”, screen print “Science Dog” and many other things.

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