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Star Trek was originally created by Gene Roddenberry and aired by CBS. The three-season series that debuted in 1966 and is now referred to as the original series, told its audience about Captain James T. Kirk and his crew, who explored space on board the exploration starship Enterprise. Their interstellar adventures wouldn’t have been so risky and gripping if one of the books Roddenberry drew inspiration from had not been “Gulliver’s Travels.” The absorbing and thrilling plot secure the Star Trek TV series a wide and long-standing popularity. The TV series held the top position of various TV show ratings for decades, acquired countless fans all over the world and spurred the creation of numerous spin-offs, books, comics, toys and collector’s figurines. There once was even a theme park in Las Vegas devoted to the cult TV series, which functioned for 10 years and closed in 2008, much to Trekkies’ displeasure! There are at least two travelling museums in the world that offer their visitors to admire the Star Trek props. All in all, this Star Trek trivia quiz is certainly worth trying hand at – you just can’t afford not to pay tribute to the sci-fi phenomenon!

We can’t underestimate the influence that Star Trek produced upon the development of technology. Inventors admit that the TV series has inspired a number of technological inventions, such as the cell phone and the tablet. Besides, Star Trek is well-known for its civil rights protection and advocacy of racial integration. Characters of the most popular modern sitcoms, TV series, movies and books include quotes from legendary Star Trek characters! Well, there is no chance you have not been motivated to take our Star Trek trivia quiz, so why wait?

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