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Sitcoms are very popular among American audience as they make us laugh and get distracted from our everyday problems. Martin is one of the most highly rated TV series of 1990s that made its characters so easily recognizable and world-famous. Do you remember the series and can demonstrate your exceptional knowledge playing our compelling Martin questions quiz? Let’s start and find it out! What is the name of Martin Payne's girlfriend? What is the name of the talk show Martin became the host of? What role does Tommy Ford play in Martin TV series? Who had a romantic relationship with Pam during Season 1? Who wears badly fitting clothing? Assay your strength in our amusing Martin trivia quiz and prove you’re a TV series expert!

Would you like to invite your friends and play together to have more fun? Ask them to join the game and try our challenging Martin quiz for the most devoted fans! What happened to Martin when Stan sold the radio station? How many episodes are there in Martin TV series? Where was Martin TV series shot? When was the first episode of Martin TV series released? How many main characters are there in Martin TV series? Demonstrate your exceptional knowledge and be ready to compete with other inquisitive players, too! Take other riveting quizzes prepared by Zadavaka like The X-Files trivia quiz or Game of Thrones questions quiz!

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