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For those who see the title of this TV series for the first time it may seem they are going to watch a comedy or a soap opera about the quiet suburban life of several young ladies. In fact, the beginning of the first season answers our expectations; but as we watch on we get insensibly involved into the events happening on the screen and start to enjoy the rapidly developing situation. Neighbors, friends, and even closest relatives of the four main heroines disappear, commit suicide, get injured or lost, and sometimes even die, and the audience can see how it influences the lives of the main characters and of the whole little American town having a self-explanatory name Fairview. We have compiled the most intriguing questions for this enthralling Desperate Housewives quiz so that you can have a chance to try hard and to call to your memory all you’ve ever heard about this amazing TV series and its heroes! Start playing right away to answer more questions of this Desperate Housewives question quiz, get more WisePoints, and become the leader of our weekly rating!

The fates of Wisteria Lane residents are closely intertwined, and while some of them are able to sympathize with their friends and help each other, others dream of doing as much harm as they can and are able to go all lengths to achieve their mean aims. We’ve included into this Desperate Housewives trivia game the most tricky and challenging questions about Bree and her complicated relationship with her children and spouses; about Gabrielle and her unexpected loyalty to her husband and her principles; about Lynette and the hardships she had to endure to protect her family; and of course about Susan who hasn’t been able to see and keep the people who constituted the basis of her happiness. Desperate Housewives is both a comedy and a drama, and first of all it’s a good lesson for its fans – we should care about our close people and never forget that there won’t be many second chances to correct our stupid mistakes.

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