We’ve got a new intriguing quiz full of puzzling tasks and captivating questions – try your hand at this marvelous TV Series trivia game!

TV series are traditionally loved by the audience, as they let us penetrate into the life of the characters much deeper than movies do. It’s easier for the viewers to get used to and start to understand this or that hero, and sometimes to change their attitude to some personages completely. Another important factor that makes us enjoy all the seasons of our favorite TV shows is that we look forward to the new episode every week, and in this way get a bit addicted to them. This TV Series quiz will test if you can call yourself a genuine TV series fan, and will also demonstrate if you were attentive enough while watching the TV shows you like! Start our TV Series trivia quiz right away to find out more about the most popular TV series and actors, and to have a good time recollecting the most pleasant moments of some TV shows that you could watch over and over again!

There are no hard questions for the true TV series fans, as they know everything about every single episode. Now we’re going to check if you can consider yourself such a fan, and offer you a whole bunch of tricky questions devoted to all the well-known TV shows you can think of. Name the four ladies that are the central characters of Desperate Housewives, call to your memory the scariest and most striking episodes of The X-Files or The Walking Dead, and try to solve the most mysterious riddles prepared for you in Sherlock. Enjoy these TV series quiz questions and don’t be afraid to try other amazing and challenging quizzes of our website!

We wish you all the best of luck for this tough but extremely captivating free online TV series question quiz! Invite your friends to join us, and get ready to compete and to have a lot of fun together!

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