We have prepared our new free Animated shows question quiz for you and hope that it will be both entertaining and educational

Animated shows trivia are now officially among Zadavaka’s favorite quizzes! How can something be such fun?! Those characters, jokes, joyful music, bright pictures and the most interesting stories! Later though, Zadavaka learnt that cartoons are primarily meant for children, and this made him a bit shy. Will you put him at ease again by letting your inner child answer every question of our cartoon quiz? This Animated Shows quiz was created especially for you to recollect the funniest moments and the brightest characters of the best-known animated series! Animated films constitute an integral part of almost any person’s childhood, and therefore form the basic concepts of our world view. Actually, in some cases they can be useful for both generations – parents anticipate having some rest while their child is occupied watching a cartoon; and children often watch them to have fun and to switch from reality to the imaginary world of wonderful castles and deadly dragons, flying cars and talking animals, incredible landscapes of distant planets and smart robots able to make friends with any child. We all remember amazing Disney animated series – beautiful princesses like Ariel, strong and handsome heroes like Aladdin, and funny little creatures like Chip and Dale or Abu the Monkey. Would you like to return to the world of childhood again and to experience the marvelous atmosphere of a fairy tale? Then it’s high time you started this enthralling Cartoons trivia game!

Do you remember the time when you knew perfectly well all the minor characters and details of any popular cartoon? Now it’s time to call them all to your mind again! Who are Jafar and Iago? What is so special about Princess Ariel? Who is the TV series “The Flintstones” about? Stop guessing - just try this Animated shows quiz and find out the right answers!

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