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How did people invent sports? Perhaps it was boredom that made people do it. Maybe those who invented showkiting had a lack of summer entertainment – kitesurfing. Sometimes a kind of sport is a favorite pastime of people who live in a certain place with specific weather conditions. In the north people are used to dog sledging, which is inappropriate for people living in Southern Europe. Winter sports are a collective notion for sport games that are held in the snow or on ice. The variety of activities possible in winter time is great: skiing, skating, sledging, etc. Here we should also mention biathlon, bobsleigh, iceboating, Alpine skiing, tobogganing, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, Russian hockey, dog sledging, deer sledging, curling, etc. Everyone can find what they like depending on their physical abilities, income, time available, interests and purpose and this Winter Sports easy quiz will help you to do it.

We hope you have heard about the sports we mentioned, but we have some that are sure to seem surprising to you. For example, skibob. In winter people take pleasure in skiing and snowboarding, but the lack of practice and high speed in this case can lead to awful consequences. To avoid this we recommend to you skibobbing. The difference is that instead of skis and a snowboard you will use something similar to a bicycle that is much safer. If you are not fascinated with this one, then try ice karting in Lapland. This winter sport is available even for teenagers; the only thing that matters is the height of a racer – at least 140 cm. If you want to learn more about traditional, new and extraordinary winter sports these quiz questions on Winter Sports is the very thing you need.

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Remember that there is “sound mind in a sound body” and choose the sport you like with our free fun quizzes. Break your own records and the ones of other people. We wish you good luck!

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