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Tennis is a game played with racket by two or four people at once. It was first played in England between 1859 and 1865. It is an Olympic sport and one of the advantages of it is that people of all ages can practice it. The tennis term love (absence of points) is considered to have appeared in 1792 and means “being disinterested while playing”. Although some researchers are sure that this term stemmed from a French word «L'Oeuf» (an egg) as an egg looks similar to a zero. In any case, the first version sounds more romantic.
At first, tennis was amateur sport, professional players appeared in it only in 20s of the XX century. They started to participate in tennis exibitions and that gave them an opportunity to earn money. Get acquainted with the history of this sport and the best players ever with Tennis easy quiz questions!

Let’s learn some more historical facts. In Ancient Greece and Rome there was a game similar to tennis we are used to nowadays. Of course, there were no rackets, only sticks or just hands were used for the purpose of bouncing the ball back. Later, in the 12th-13th centuries, this game appeared in Italy. To return a ball, people used a mitten, a small wooden shield or a leather belt. In the 14th century tennis got its further development in France. The first tennis ball was carved out of wood; later version of balls were made of leather and filled with animals’ dried internal organs, wool and sawdust. Try to imagine how painful it was if this ball accidently hit one’s body. Lethal cases were a common occurence at those times! You just can’t imagine how many interesting and unknown facts are hidden inside Tennis quiz questions! Find them all!

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