Test your Super Bowl smarts with a well-timed quiz!

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular and anticipated annual championships in the whole world. Year 2017 welcomes Super Bowl LI and we are glad to offer you a well-timed Super Bowl quiz to while away the time until the game begins!

If the quiz is not enough, here are a few Super Bowl fun facts:

  • The Super Bowl is hugely, extremely, enormously popular! Some people even confessed they would rather miss the birth of their own child, the funeral of a close relative, an important event at work than lose the opportunity to see the game. However, 9 out of 10 Super Bowl fans confessed they prefer to watch the game at home, at a relative’s or friend’s place or in a local sports bar/restaurant, not live at the stadium. And that’s probably because…
  • The Super Bowl is the second most important culinary holiday in the US – fans consume enormous amounts of food during the games. The most popular snacks include guacamole and chips (on the average, Americans munch on 14,500 tons of chips dipped in 100+million lbs of the sauce), chicken wings (about 1.5 billion are eaten during the game) and pizza (Domino Pizza alone served 11 mln slices of pizza in 2014). These food delights are then washed down with beer, soda and carbonated water – the three most popular Super Bowl beverages!

And now it’s time to take the Super Bowl quiz and test the knowledge of all the freshly-learned trivia!

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