If speed is your personal drug and you can’t live without watching beautiful racing cars driving on labyrinthine racetracks – this Racing quiz is exactly what you need!

Actually, it would be a mistake to say that racing is only about cars, as there are numerous types of it – boat racing, cycle racing, and even air racing! By the way, racing has a long and remarkable history, as some information about chariot races can be found in Iliad by Homer! Racing has definitely changed hugely since those times, and has become more rapid, dangerous, and thrilling; but human beings can’t stop competing in speed, power, and intellect, and therefore races are one of the best ways to demonstrate one’s superiority and excellence. Our Racing trivia quiz is here to help you test your knowledge about the greatest races of all time and modern international races that make our hearts beat faster! Start this inviting Racing trivia game and learn more about the incredible world of acceleration, risk, dynamism, and triumph!

This speedy Racing question quiz covers lots of different issues – types and forms of races, racing history and records, special techniques employed by the race participants who desire to win, as well as many other challenging tasks that will make you call to your mind all you’ve ever heard about racing! What is F1 and what is it famous for? Who are the most famous and successful race drivers? What is the etymology of the word “race”? Do your best to give answers to these tough questions and be ready to surprise us! In case you need more intriguing sport quizzes, take our Basketball trivia game or Winter Sports quiz, or try other gripping quizzes prepared for you by Zadavaka!

Take part in this engrossing free online Racing trivia quiz, earn WisePoints for each correct answer, get extra bonuses and special prizes, and just have fun together with your friends who decide to join in too!

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