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There are dozens of sports and sports leagues in the USA, but the National Football League is definitely the most popular, exciting, and dramatic one. Millions of people are looking forward to the coming NFL regular season that starts right after Labor Day holiday, and are eager to welcome their favorite teams and excellent players again! Some of them have managed to become genuine sports icons, others are only on course to it, but can already entertain us with their wonderful performance during the game. Can you call yourself a true football fan? Then dare to answer our tough NFL quiz questions to check if it’s really so! How many weeks does the National Football League regular season last for? What is the annual championship game of the National Football League called? What is the team with the most NFL championships? Who holds the NFL record for most career wins as a head coach? Try to answer all the questions correctly, and win the glorious title of the best player!

We believe some friends of yours would like to participate in our NFL trivia quiz, too, so don’t hesitate to invite them right now! Don’t miss a chance to test your remarkable knowledge in the sphere, and prove you can be proclaimed a true football expert! How many NFL players became bankrupt barely 2 years after throwing in the towel in their careers? What NFL player has played both the World Series and the Super Bowl? What NFL team haven't played in their own city for decades? What is the team with the most overall Super Bowl championships? The more right answers you give the more points you win! Take other compelling sports quizzes like Super Bowl quiz or Basketball quiz!

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