Our greetings to the players for whom golf isn’t just a word – we are excited to entertain you with our new amazing Golf question quiz!

In our minds golf is tightly bound to prosperity, wealth, and handsome men in fashionable golf shirts. This is a sport for relaxation, a means of communication, and a great way of spending free time outdoors. But our Golf quiz is going to demonstrate you other not so noticeable sides of this peculiar game, often called a game of confidence. People who are not acquainted with the essence of golf may think that it consists just in hitting a ball so that it may fall into a hole, although in fact it’s much more complicated and full of special terms and rules. Special equipment, stroke techniques, and variations of golf have made this elegant game so highly popular among the rich, although today its popularity among common people also increases gradually. Try this compelling Golf trivia quiz and enjoy the tricky questions we’ve made specially for you!

In our Golf trivia game you’ll find numerous questions devoted to all possible aspects of golf – terminology and regulations, famous players and best golf clubs, golf courses and tours, and many other things connected with this engrossing game! What is the difference between match play and stroke play? What is putting and what are its types? What is golf playing area called? These and dozens of other intriguing questions won’t let you get bored and will give you lots of wonderful moments! For the most inquiring players we’ve got dozens of other tough and absorbing quizzes, so try our Racing quiz, Tennis quiz, and a lot of other fantastic quizzes that are destined to help you have a great time!

Play our free online Golf trivia quiz, have fun, score WisePoints, invite your inquisitive friends, and come back again! We wish you the best of luck!

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