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There is no need to explain what soccer is because this game is well-known everywhere from Africa to Australia. Outside the US, it is more popularly called football: you need a ball, an opponent and some open space to play it. That is why almost every child and adult on every piece of land plays it. Being a favorite sports activity for more than 300 billion players in 200 countries, soccer is the most popular team game in our planet. Football is a game about confrontation between two opposite sides, about cooperation inside the team of 11 players and competition between players. Amateur clubs and weekend warriors add to the passion that swells up every four years for the most-watched sporting event in the world, the World Cup. Is your brain filled with football trivia? Challenge yourself to Soccer quiz questions to test how well you really know your game.

Are you a soccer expert that known every player that has ever stomped the grass of any soccer field of the world? Or does the job of a coach or team manager appeal to you more? Play our Soccer quiz either way to show off your knowledge of the most famous players, memorable clubs, die-hard fans and breathtaking matches! Here are sample questions for you: What was the first host nation at a FIFA World Cup that failed to get through the first round? What four teams played in the 2010 World Cup Semi-Finals? Where was the 2014 World Cup held? If you know the answers, then you will excel!

So will you play a blinder all the way to the final or will you be knocked out in the first half? If you are every sports fan, play online Sports trivia quiz for free to try a little bit of everything from Chess to Golf! Think you are an expert on the major sport event in the world? Play our easy Olympic Games quiz to prove it, or chose any other sub-category you prefer from our growing collection of fun quizzes!

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