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Boxing is both a fighting sport and martial art, which usually is practiced as competition, physical fitness and, of course, self-defense. Martial arts are named in honor of Mars, a Roman god of war. Boxing was very popular in Ancient Greece and Rome; it was a part of gladiators’ matches where the victory of one competitor meant death for the other. Nowadays boxing is not so cruel, but it is still named “a blood sport”. Technique known today dates back to combat systems of Western Europe at the middle of 16th century. The first documented fights and records take us to the year 1681. The legend says that the first match was held between the butcher and the butler of the Duke of Albemarle. We do not know the reason for this competition, but there is no doubt that it was held for fun and amusement. Today boxing is one of the most popular sports in both Americas and in Europe and it has many fans. Are you one of them? This Boxing quiz covers highs and lows of the most popular combat sport over the years, how much of it do you remember?

Is your brain filled with boxing trivia? What do the words “hook”, “uppercut” and “jab” mean? Whose ear fell victim to Mike Tyson’s bite? What was Muhammad Ali’s real name? You’re in the ring, no time to spare. Knock out the Boxing quiz using the strength of your wits!

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