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Basketball is one of the most popular games both to play and to root for. It is rather easy to play because the game doesn’t require as much equipment and many players as football, or special protections as ice hockey. You need nothing except sporting clothes, a basketball, and knowledge of the rules. The game first originated in 1881 in Massachusetts, US by James Naismith. He worked in YMCA Training School as a coach, so his aim was to create an indoor game which could be played by his students in winter time. The first winter season was the time of basketball gaining popularity among students in Massachusetts and then in the entire country. In a few years, the game became tremendously popular in Europe, and now its fame stretches from the North to the South Pole! Our Basketball quiz is about the rules, history, the most important events and the players without whom this game would be way less exciting to watch. If you love the game go get the Basketball quiz to test your knowledge!

Are you a game addict or casual sports viewer? Some of the questions are for true basketball addicts, while others are much easier. If you are a NBA player or just a fan you will easily deal with the Basketball quiz! In which country is basketball the main sport officially? What is the name of the governing body in the top basketball league in the world? How many points are awarded for a score from outside the oppositions semi-circle? No matter how great your game knowledge is – the Basketball quiz is a trivia game full of fun and amusement!

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