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We’ve been waiting for summer for 9 longest months, and now it’s finally ready to warm our hearts and bodies, and to show us again how wonderful the world can be in the welcoming rays of the summer sun! All of us have great plans for this summer – to visit distant beautiful places; to go to a beach and sunbathe there all days long; to spend pleasant evenings walking around the city with our friends. We’ve prepared this Summer quiz to help you immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere or relaxation and happiness, and to test your knowledge of the season that’s loved and longed for by many people.

Our Summer quiz questions are based on various curious and surprising facts connected with summer – summer customs and traditions, summer treats, and numerous summer fun facts that you’ve probably never heard about before. You can learn some of them right now, so don’t miss your chance of winning more WisePoints!

  • Americans make over 650 million long-distance trips every summer, and most of them prefer to spend their summer vacations at the beach.
  • The Eiffel Tower in France gets 6 inches higher in summer, because the iron it’s made of warms up and expands.
  • In the US one is allowed to wear white trousers only between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • The first women's swimsuit was created more than 200 years ago; it had woolen pantaloons and long sleeves.
  • The first popsicle was created inadvertently by a young boy, who left a glass of soda with a straw on the porch, and the night was so cold that the next morning he found there a frozen ice pop.
  • On average, every summer Americans eat more than 15 pounds of watermelon per capita.
  • The first mosquitoes that torture us every summer appeared more than 30 million years ago.
  • The hottest temperature on Earth was registered in Death Valley in 2013, and it was as high as 134 degrees Fahrenheit!

Start our gripping Summer trivia quiz to find out more impressive and engaging facts about summertime, and be ready to astonish your friends!
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