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It’s great that this February, prolonged by the leap year, is finally over and we can welcome the fresh, blooming and happy season into our life and quizzes! We think of March 1st as the end of freezing winter and the beginning of beautiful spring. However, from an astronomical point of view, spring does not come until about three weeks later, when the vernal equinox (which in 2016 will occur on March, 20) usually takes place. By the way, there is an active movement for renaming the vernal, or spring, equinox into March equinox, as it marks the beginning of autumn for the Southern Hemisphere, so, the current term seems to be biased. Here we have a few more facts that are intended to prep you for our latest quiz on Spring trivia:

  • Ancient Greeks associated the coming of spring with Persephone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Hades, the god of the Underworld, abducted beautiful Persephone and made her Queen of the Underworld, thus forcing her to spend one third of every year (which, as you can guess, corresponds to winter) in the kingdom of the dead. But after that Persephone returned to the world of the living and brought the change of season.
  • In English, the word spring appeared as the term denoting the source of a river, and the season that we now know as spring was originally called Lent or Lenten.
  • The term spring cleaning, which is now strongly associated with Lent, appeared only in 1857 (at least it was the year of the first known use of the term).
  • Spring is synonymous with warmth, sun, flowers and everything pleasant, but statistics shows that babies born in March, April and May tend to develop psychological disorders like schizophrenia or anorexia more often than those who are born in summer, autumn or winter.
  • However, spring does bring positive psychological changes, too; the exact cause is unclear but it is believed that people get restless, tend to daydream and think more about sex due to prolonged exposure to sunlight and more intense exercise the get in spring.
  • Finally, the National Association of Realtors found out that more people buy and sell houses in spring than in any other season. So, if you are looking for a new place, you might want to wait for a few months, as the real estate prices tend to skyrocket in spring.
  • Chilean poet and politician Pablo Neruda once said that one can cut all the flowers, but one cannot keep spring from coming. And we totally agree! Play our Spring trivia quiz to melt the annoying snow and enjoy the melodious bird singing to the fullest!

    Score loads of WisePoints and be brave enough to compete with other players and get to the Weekly Top! We are sure spring has inspired you to strive for success!

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