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We’re excited to offer this new easy Weather questions quiz to our most loyal players and inquisitive newcomers!

Weather is such a broad and many-sided topic that it’s terribly difficult to embrace all its aspects in one short Weather quiz. But our team have done their best to prepare the most tricky questions for you to test your knowledge and to have a lot of fun! Weather is not only a complicated theme, it’s a highly engaging one too – there are numerous natural phenomena that can attract, surprise, scare, injure, and even kill people who see or experience them. Tornadoes and dirty thunderstorms, mammatus clouds and light pillars, haloes and polar lights, and dozens of other incredibly captivating and frightening weather events are included into this enthralling Weather trivia game, and we’re sure you’ll manage to solve of the riddles we’re proposing!

We’re going to entertain you with a wide range of tough questions about the changing weather of different parts of our world – droughts and floods, storms and lightning, hurricanes and rainbows, as well as many other picturesque and dangerous phenomena. Guess what a zud is, tell us why and when rainbows appear, explain the reasons of dust devils formation, and answer other intriguing questions of this absorbing Weather trivia quiz! For those who want to get more knowledge in other challenging games we have compiled this magic Astronomy quiz, sophisticated Medicine quizzes, and a myriad of other exciting games that are destined to delight you and your friends that you’d probably want to invite to participate too!

Start this free online Weather trivia game, earn multiple WisePoints, receive extra bonuses, and prepare to enjoy the quiz and have a lot of fun!

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