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Stars have always attracted and allured people. That’s why, by and large, the final goal of technological progress is to explore and conquer outer space. Nowadays, spaceflights are perceived as a usual thing. Today we are on the threshold of a new era, the era of space tourism. We offer you to investigate the most exciting and compelling sphere of spaceflights with our Space question quiz! If you strive to learn more about the history of spaceflights, various types of spaceships and space stations, space agencies and space tourism, then our stellar Space question quiz is undoubtedly the best free quiz for you to take! You will answer most interesting quiz questions about the world’s first artificial Earth satellite “Sputnik 1”, about Yuri Gagarin, the first man to orbit the Earth, and the famous spaceship “Vostok 1”, about “Apollo 11”, the first spaceflight that landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. You will also learn more about modern spacecraft and the spheres of their application such as observation, exploration, colonization, navigation, communication, tourism, and others. We are sure that you will like our cosmic Space question quiz!

When your space expedition is over and you return to Earth, try your hand at other interesting trivia quizzes! We offer you to deepen your knowledge of space with our Astronomy question quiz that will reveal to you the secrets of the Milky Way and the Universe in general! We also wish to remind you that the position of celestial bodies is often used to predict significant future events! If the first thing you do when you buy a newspaper is to examine your horoscope then we are glad to offer you our mysterious Astrology question quiz!

Let’s start our absorbing Space trivia quiz right away! Remember that you get 10 WisePoints for a correct answer; try to score as many WisePoints as you can to become the record-breaker of the week!

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