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The world is constantly changing and the things we use in our everyday life is changing too. Do you remember these big and awkward cell phones we used over fifteen years ago? They were the newest invention at that time and we were proud to own one of these phones. We could not have imagined there will be things which are common for us now – smartphones, modern tablets, Smart TVs. Now most of us can’t live without at least a couple of digital devices - a smartphone and a tablet - and think this stuff is cutting-edge. What will come next? We call the age we are living in the “digital era”. However, what does “digital” mean? “Digit” is an element of a set, a single symbol that, taken as a whole, comprises a system of numeration. Digital signals are used in almost all electronics nowadays that is why exploring digital is very interesting. We offer you educational Digital Technologies quiz for those who want to know more about operation of devices we use today or to test their knowledge.

How knowledgeable you are about the devices we use today and the principle of their operation? What percentage of all e-mails are spam? What is digital etiquette? What is Google's new core technology? Some of Digital Technologies quiz questions seem to be tricky but all of them are fun and informative!

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