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It’s hard to believe that the first car appeared as far back as 1886 and most cars became available for the common people only about a century ago. Today in the developed society it’s impossible to imagine a modern family without at least one or two cars, and they are regarded not as pieces of luxury, but as an integral part of one’s life. The US was the world leader in car spread at the beginning of the 20th century, and now around 8 million of cars are sold in the United States every year. Our engaging Cars trivia game is going to disclose numerous amusing facts about with car inventors, car history, world-renowned automobile companies, and a lot of interesting information connected with car industry. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in this field – our questions are fascinating and highly informative, and you’ll surely have a lot of fun answering them! Start this wonderful Cars trivia quiz and be ready to enjoy the time spent with us!

Some time ago famous science-fiction writers used to imagine that soon cars would fly, and the bravest of them stated that there wouldn’t be any cars at all, as all of them will be shortly replaced by spaceships. But several decades have passed, and nothing of the kind has happened, which proves that people really need the cars in the way we see them now – a fast means of transport able to take us from one place to another. Our Cars quiz questions will show you that there are still many facts that common car users know nothing about. Who invented the first car? What are the alternative fuel vehicles? How many cars are used in the world at the moment? We’ve compiled for our test-takers dozens of intriguing questions, and if you wish to broaden your knowledge in other spheres as well, take our refreshing Weather quiz or enchanting Jewellery quiz!

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