Welcome to our cutting-edge Technology quiz – a new challenge for those who can’t imagine their life without modern devices and electronic equipment!

Life in the present-day world is impossible without at least a bit of scientific and technical knowledge, and every child knows how to switch on a computer or to play mobile games on his tablet. We are surrounded by dozens of incredible gadgets that help us in everything – to cook and to heat up the food, to get from one place to another and to entertain ourselves, to build new houses and to perform difficult operations, and to do thousands of other things we don’t even notice. This Technology questions quiz is going to show you to what extent people are dependent on innumerable appliances and machines, how some of them were invented, and what great way up they have worked. Some millennia ago we learnt how to make and control fire, and today we are able to launch space shuttles and create human organs, and this progress is not only surprising, it’s truly unbelievable! Take this intriguing Technology trivia game and check if you’re smart enough for our highly technological century!

We have prepared the most tricky questions for our most inquisitive players, and answering them you’ll definitely learn much more about the well-known things that constitute our life, as well as complicated gears that you’ve never seen or even heard of. What makes a car go? What helps airplanes take off and fly? How do CT scanners and ultrasound devices work? We’ve got numerous engaging questions to ask and hope you’ll give the right answers to all of them! In case you want to go on playing, take these thought-provoking Science questions, tough Statistics quiz questions, or choose any quiz that would meet your interests!

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