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What is one of the most important triggers of the progress in human life, “Alpha and Omega” of natural science, and the biggest trouble of schoolchildren from all over the world? No doubt, it's Physics! It studies matter and its motion, energy and force to investigate the principles ruling all processes in the universe. Our world is infinitely big and just as enigmatic. It showed us a tiny part of its puzzles and people have been trying to unravel them since ancient times. The oldest of sciences about the motions of the Sun, the Moon and stars – astronomy – gave birth to the endless attempts of humanity to answer the question: how does the universe behave? You can try to think about it by playing our Physics quiz !

If your scientific knowledge stretches from the highest physics theories to using the laws of physics in our daily life, this fantastic Physics quiz questions are perfect challenge for you! Does light travel faster than sound? Why do teapots drip? Is static in our clothes dangerous? These questions are just the tip of our Physics trivia quiz iceberg, but you can see the whole of it - just try to answer them all to fell like the next Steven Hocking (or, at least, Sheldon Cooper)!

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