Here is a Health quiz to see how much you know about the physiology and psychology of humans!

“The greatest wealth is health,” – Virgil said. And he was absolutely right. In most cases we do not think about our state of health when it is good, but we cannot think about anything when we are ill. Do we consider ourselves healthy? What do we know about different aspects of our health? The human body is a very complicated organism. It consists of close to 100 trillion cells and 206 bones; add in the nervous and blood circulation systems to fully realize what a magnificent piece of engineering we are. We all want is to keep this wonderful machine functioning and feeling well, whether it’s jogging, boxercise or eating seven types of fruit and vegetables a day. Scientists are continually discovering new things about our body and sometimes it is hard to keep up. We've collected the most interesting, educational and useful questions about health in our Health quiz for all those who are interested in medicine or just want to know more about their physical and mental health.

How knowledgeable are you about your skin and organ systems, your fitness and emotions? Challenge yourself to Health quiz questions to show off your medical smarts! What ingredients in our meals should we avoid? What is the Placebo effect? Is natural medicine helpful? Most of the questions pertain to the human body, but you’ll also see questions about illnesses, food and medical breakthroughs in our fun Health quiz!

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Answer fun quiz questions, collect WisePoints for correct guesses, raise your weekly ratings and be the one to get to the top of our leaderboard! Good luck and Gesundheit!

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