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Our body is a unique mechanism, that allows us to perform thousands of various actions on a daily basis, but why should we take it for granted? You may be a well-read and wise interlocutor, but it is far more important to know your anatomy well, as it is a deposit of your health, long life and prosperity. Answer free Anatomy quiz questions and learn all about the resources of your valuable organism! The human body is a very complicated system. Although the humanity possesses much knowledge of medicine, our body is still a riddle. We seldom try to analyze why our reaction is so quick. The answer is that nerve impulses travel from the brain and to it at a speed of 170 miles per hour! In spite of this speed our brain uses as little energy as a ten-watt lamp. It’s difficult to count but scientists suppose that the volume of information our brain can keep is approximately 1,000 terabytes and even more! The brain that is only 2% of the whole body mass uses 20% of the oxygen present in the blood and consists of 80% of water, it is more active at night than in the daytime, and if one wants his IQ to be higher he should dream more!

We hope this brief information about only one part of your body will evoke your interest in Anatomy. Simple Anatomy quiz questions will help you to learn more in no time!

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