Welcome to our most anfractuous and polyhedral, yet quite manageable or even easy Geometry questions quiz!

Before you start answering the questions of Geometry quiz, let’s sort through a few basic facts. The word ‘geometry’ stems from a combination of two Greek words meaning earth and measure, which prompts a conclusion that geometry is the science of measuring land. And it actually is true! If you take our most interesting Geometry trivia quiz, you will get to know how people used the formulas we tried (and sometimes succeeded) to cram at school for practical purposes of dividing cropland, building houses and great monuments that survived to the present day! Moreover, rules and laws of Geometry were used by most famous artists in the process of their creative work. Take Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, for example: it’s not a mere drawing, but an artistic attempt to square the circle!

Our volumetric quiz on Geometry will also introduce you to the outstanding mathematicians, without whom the current state of scientific development could not have been reached! One of the prominent figures is Greek mathematician Euclid also known as the “Father of Geometry,” the author of the most influential mathematics textbook up until the beginning of the 20th century. We also couldn’t but include questions about the most well-known mathematical constant, the most intriguing and important number of all – π, the Pythagorean theorem (btw, can you cite it right now?) and Archimedes’ method of calculating the volume of dimensional shapes. Feeling an urge to brush up on your school geometry? Then jump at the opportunity to take the fun Geometry quiz right now!

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