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We are surrounded by the world of invisible insects. We know much about butterflies, flies and dragonflies. That’s why we have collected the most interesting facts especially for you in Insects free trivia game that throws light upon all the creepy and crawly in general. You'll get surprised while answering the questions, too. For instance, have you ever counted the spots on a ladybird? Their number has nothing to do with a bug's age. The number of them can tell you the species it belongs to. The most widespread one is the insect with 7 spots, but still there are those that have 28 spots. They are more harmful to the harvest of potato than Colorado beetles! Let’s move to the times gone. Some scientist of the Renaissance used cameras that sometimes occupied whole rooms to depict small creatures. It proves that insects were of a great interest to people of the past and sometimes even of a great use. Everyone has heard about Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. When his paintings were studied, it was found out that he used a special powder made of glow-worms. Maybe this is the secret of his fluorescent pictures.

We come across different insects in our everyday life. When you are walking your pet in the street make sure it has a special collar, as the flea's single jump can be as long as 33 meters. If people were able to jump like fleas, the jump would be 213 meters long! If you are keen on gardening, be aware of swarms of locusts. A swarm can consist of 50 billion species. If onelets them spend a whole day on the field, they will eat 4 times more food than all the citizens of New York per day. TakeInsects quiz questions to learn much more, including the fact that if you cut a cockroache's head, it will still be alive for 2 weeks!

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