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Dogs are amazing animals. Their physiology, intellect and character are much more unique than the ones of other pets. So, it’s not surprising that they have been the most faithful friends of a man for the last 12,000 years. Some people take dogs to protect their houses; for others they are members of the family. We watch them do surprising things every day, but do we really understand them? What is so particular about them? Dogs trivia quiz will give answers to many questions! Dogs possess a unique hearing. Their ears are able to register more than 35,000 vibrations. For you to understand this amount we can say that human ears can register 20,000 vibrations only! It means that dogs’ hearing is 75% better than that of a human. It is considered that dogs’ life span is 12 years. But there are breeds that live for 20 years and even more. The oldest dog died at the age of 29 years and 5 months. The longevity of life depends on the breed and on the quality of care the dog owner provides.

Many famous people couldn’t - and still can’t - imagine their life without pets. Napoleon’s wife was keen on pugs and, when her husband was imprisoned, she taught them to pass the letters over to him. Besides, dogs can be best companions in hunting. In the 16th century people used pocket gun dogs. Hunters riding their horses kept these dogs in their pockets and let them run only when it was necessary to chase the prey. But, of course, there are hounds of a normal size, for instance Greyhounds. When they were brought to America, people called them Russian wolfhounds at first. It’s an interesting fact that this breed was raised to hunt for foxes and hares, but they are unable to cope with wolves. Answer easy quiz questions on Dogs and learn more about your favorite pets!

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