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When did dinosaurs appear? The historical data and many interesting facts about them are waiting for you in Dinosaur trivia game! People think these living beings appeared approximately 240,000 years ago.The oldest reptile was found in Kentucky in 1972. Scientists think it is 310 million years old. The most primitive dinosaur is considered to be Eoraptor lunensis. It was found in Argentina in 1993. The skeleton is 228 million years old and only one meter long. If we compress the history of the planet to one year imagining that the planet appeared on the first of January, we can say life on it appeared at the end of March, and the first dinosaurs - in the middle of December, humans – only several hours before the beginning of the next year. According to reseach data, 99.9% of all species had become extinct by the beginning of human era. Dinosaurs’ average life span is believed to have been more than one hundred years long. These reptiles are considered to be the hugest animals that have ever walked the Earth. The biggest among them was Supersaurus; it weighed as much as 10 elephants. Do you want to see the exact figures? Read and try to imagine it! Antarctosaurus giganteus weighed 40-80 tonns, Brachiosaurus altithorax – 45-55, and Seismosaurus halli and Supersaurus vivianae up to 100 tons!

Scientists have recently found some footsteps in Canada and now it is known that dinosaurs had 10 toes and 10 fingers. Just imagine that their nails could be up to 91 cm long. The sizes are enormous! But the most shocking fact is their height. Seismosaurus halli found in New Mexico in 1994 was 39-52 meters tall. Herbivorous species could be up to 30 meters long (diplodocus, brachiosaurus). Do you want to imagine how high it is? An average 9-storey building’s height is 30 meters. Now that you know the sizes, do you still want to see a dinosaur with your own eyes? Learn more about them in our quiz questions on Dinosaurs.

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