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Like any other living being on our planet, birds have a number of different unusual abilities. Moreover, their variety is great and some facts connected with them can be quite shocking. For instance, it usually takes us 5 minutes to boil a chicken egg, but it will take you 2 hours to do the same with the one of an ostrich. So, it's too bad if you are in a hurry, and there's nothing but an ostrich egg - you should have boiled it beforehand, because if you do it now you'd either run late or go hungry!
Nowadays people know 9,800 species of birds. It’s interesting to know that the temperature of their bodies is 7-8 degrees Celsius higher than that of a human being. This fact can be easily explained. The reason is that birds are unable to sweat and ¾ of the air they exhale is used to cool off their bodies. When children draw birds they usually imagine them with wings, but there is a bird that lives in New Zealand and has no wings at all. It’s called a kiwi, and it is the smallest living ratites (flightless birds). Open a mysterious world of birds to you with in Birds trivia game.

In Free quiz questions on Birds you will learn the heartbeat birds have. It’s 400 beats per minute during the rest and 1000 beats when the bird flies. We often say that something is as light as a feather. But did you know that a bird’s feathers weigh more than its skeleton? You have often noticed that birds flying in a flock form the letter ‘V’. It’s done to save energy. The first bird is as a rule the most experienced and the oldest one. With its wings it creates two air streams that help other birds to fly with less effort. The nature is really smart and everything in it is well thought!

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