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Zadavaka was amazed to find out there are so many animals on Earth; thus, we offer you a new interesting task! We offer you to test your knowledge of the animal kingdom and learn a lot of new interesting facts about animals! Our Zoology quiz questions touch upon the history of zoology from Ancient history to post-Darwin period, famous zoologists, and different branches of zoology. You will also answer most interesting Zoology quiz questions about scientific and research work performed by most prominent scientists of the past and the present such as Aristotle, Albertus Magnus, Conrad Gessner, Charles Darwin, Thomas Hunt Morgan, and others. So, welcome to our Zoology trivia quiz!

Take our absorbing Zoology questions quiz to learn more about animals, their habitats, physiology, and various fun facts. Some winged weirdos, tiniest and enormously big, some with four legs, some with two, some with no legs at all; flying, crawling, running, hopping, swimming about… the Animal kingdom strikes with its diversity of species! How many species are there? Let’s discover the wildlife with Zadavaka!

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