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Every tiny and common flower is an amazing mystery of nature. Every human adores them and the one who grows them is sure to have some special feelings towards them. How much do we know about flowers? You will get an answer once you take in Flowers trivia game online. Every time we see a flower blossoming we move closer to it to inhale this charming scent. But to your surprise not all the flowers have a pleasant smell. For instance, there is a flower that smells of rotten meat! Moreover, there are even so called predators among the petaled beauties! Light from the sun and water are not the only things they need. To make them thankful to you, feed them with insects! Among flowers there are real giants and dwarfs. The biggest flower – Rafflesia – weighs 11 kg (22 lb) and can grow to over 100 cm (39 in) in diameter! The smallest one is 1 mm tall and 0.5 mm wide.

In the previous centuries people used a special language to express their feelings when they presented flowers. The shades of feelings were various. Cherry blossoms helped to make a declaration of love, a certain number of hyacinth blossoms were used to make an appointment, knights who wanted to propose to their beloved, sent them a rose and a myrtle and if the fair lady accepted the offer she sent a daisy in return. By the way, a small and shy ‘forget-me-not’ is called in a similar way in many languages: Russian незабудка stem from не забудь, which means 'do not forget', and in German it is called Vergissmeinnicht, which also means 'do not forget me'. And different countries have various legends that explain the origin of this flower. According to one of them, God named all the flowers except this tiny one and the flower said: ‘Forget me not!” God’s answer was: ‘Let it be your name’. The most expensive flower in the world, the oldest rose in Germany, the first flower clock, the connection between flowers and hats, flower symbols of countries and many other things are available especially for you infree Flowers game.

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