Astronomy is ready to reveal its secrets to you in free Astronomy quiz!

While people in love are watching the sky enchanted by the beauty of the stars and astronomers doing the same to find a new star and name it in the honor of their selves, Zadavaka invites you to take part in Astronomy trivia quiz and is ready to acquaint you with the knowledge that people have been collecting for ages. Let’s start from scratch. At school you were taught that the Earth is round and that the first person who discovered the fact was Pythagoras. Let us inform you that before that the round shape of the Earth had already been described in the Bible. Only the most accurate facts are prepared for you in this Astronomy questions quiz! Do you remember that there are 8 planets in the Solar system? Of course you do. We all hope that some day people will be able to move to Mars. Well, dreams tend to materialize, who knows what will happen in a century or even earlier? To be prepared for everything try these free quiz questions on Astronomy that will help you to surprise everyone with you knowledge of distant and mysterious stars and constellations.

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