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Taoism is one of the biggest religions in the world. It is a philosophy and an ethical law for more than 20 million followers from all over the globe. It started in China 2000 years ago with Daode jing, a philosophical and political text written by Laozi. Nowadays this text is fundamental for Taoism; it shapes the way of life of its followers. The basis of Taoism which is also called Daoism is an idea of “the path” – “Tao” (or “Dao”). The term is undefinable, and the religion teaches that followers should discover and define Tao in their own terms. Tao is not a god or goddess; there is no need to pray to it. The main principles of Taoism are harmony between people and nature and permanent self-development. This religion is rather difficult to understand for Western people, but its’ traditions and beliefs are very interesting to explore, so we collected dozens of educational questions in our Taoism quiz for your fun and amusement.

Do you want to find your own way to deal with the Taoism quiz? There are sample questions for you: who was the original founder of Taoism? What does the Chuang-Tzu tell us about Chuang-Tzu? What is a priest in Taoism called? Set aside your wu wei for a moment and see if you can think like a Taoist master!

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