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Sikhism quiz questions will give you an idea of the religion that appeared in India in the 15th century. At those times it was the place of the collision of two religious traditions – Hindu and Muslim ones. The founder of Sikhism was Guru Nanak. He claimed that real devotion to God consists in deep inner belief in him but not in wearing symbolic attributes. Besides, he rejected the idea of the collision mentioned above and the idea of the unity of all people became the basic doctrine of this religion. Nanak gave everything he had to the poor and spent 30 years wandering across the country and preaching the idea of equality of humans before the lord. He also organized meals that united people regardless their age, social status, sex and religious backgrounds. Learn more about Guru Nanak, his followers and religious doctrines and rituals in free quiz questions on Sikhism and see for yourself that there are a huge number of religions in the world, but most of them propagate the same human values.

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