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The most widely known religions have their sacred stories and foundation texts. For Christianity, it is the Bible, Islam is based on the Quran. Jewish ethic laws and way of life are established in the Torah. Although the word "Torah" can be used to refer to the entire Jewish Bible, it technically means the first five books of it written by Moses, that is why Torah is also known as “Pentateuch”. For Jewish people there are no Old and New Testaments. The New Testament is not included in Jewish scripture. The Old Testament is known as the Torah. Followers of Jewish religion are sometimes called "People of the Book", and they are proud of this name because the most important stories about the great things God has done for the Jewish people in history are established in Torah. We offer you to take our Torah quiz to see how clued up you are about it.

How knowledgeable you are about the Jewish way of life, traditions and ethic law as described in the first five books of the Tanakh? Who wrote the Torah? What is the Hebrew calendar based on? Which book is not comprised in the Torah, the first part of the Old Testament? Don't worry; the Torah quiz questions are not so tricky and obscure, and you may find answers easily even if you feel you do not have a clue.

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