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Religions teach us love and dedication, respect for elders and concern for the young. The key idea of some religions is harmony between people, between humans and nature, between people and a higher power. Religion is a cure for the soul, a hope for the best, a magical explanation to every event in our daily life. Some of us believe in one and only God, other religions are polytheistic, some of them teach that only human beings have a soul, but there are beliefs which emphasize that every living thing on our planet from a rose to an elephant has a soul. One of the religions which say so is Jainism. The religion originated in India more than 3000 years ago. The essence of Jainism and the purpose of its followers – Jains – is concern for the welfare of every being in the universe and for the health of the universe itself. Jainism is really worth exploring, so we made this harmonious Jainism quiz for all those who want to know a little more about this wonderful and kind religion.

Get your Sanskrit-English dictionary and get ready to take a quiz on this little-known religion! What is ahimsa? Who is the real founder of Jainism? What is the color of the clothing worn by Jain monks? These and many more educational and fun Jainism quiz questions are waiting for your answer!

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Show how enlightened you are by taking a different quiz every day and become one of the record-breakers! The more questions you get right, the higher your score will be! Have fun!

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