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The Quran is the core and the heart of Islam. Muslims believe that it represents the Divine revelation received from the angel Gabriel by the last prophet of Allah, Muhammad. We invite you to take part in our tricky Quran question quiz and to get acquainted with the history of this religious text, its contents, and significance in Islam – in worship and Islamic culture. Answering our Quran quiz questions you will learn a lot of novel, important, and interesting information. Do you know what Quranic chapters are called? What does the word “Quran” mean? When did Muhammad receive the first revelation? What other prophets are mentioned in the Quran? Or how many times does the word “Quran” occur in the Quran? Our Quran trivia quiz is rich in interesting quiz questions that will certainly expand your knowledge of the Quran!

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Take our Quran question quiz right away, and remember to try other related trivia quizzes to boost your wisdom! The more quizzes you take, the more WisePoints you score! Study the world with Zadavaka and try to earn the title of the top player of the week!

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