We are glad to welcome Hinduism adherents and those who are just interested in this religion, and offer you our profound Hinduism trivia quiz!

Hinduism can’t be called a religion in the true sense of this word, as it has neither founder nor god to worship. But it’s still considered a religion, moreover, the oldest religion in the world, and the third largest religion by the number of its followers. Although Hinduism can be mostly found in India and Nepal, it has thousands of devotees all over the world, with their total number around 1 billion. This Hinduism question quiz touches upon many topics that are related to this doctrine – traditions and textual resources, rituals and sacred places, as well as numerous specific notions like Dharma or samsara. The high popularity of Hinduism is probably determined by the fact that it’s incomparably peaceful and is aimed at self-development and self-improvement. Take our Hinduism free quiz and learn a lot of important and useful information about this magnetic religion and way of life!

Those who profess Hinduism since their birth don’t perceive it merely as a belief. It concerns every part of their everyday routine and leads them through all the hardships the life has prepared for them, teaching to accept all the sorrows and misfortunes humbly and take delight in every day. We’ve included multiple questions about these magic means of relaxation and harmony into our Hinduism trivia game, hoping to make it engaging and inspiring for those who aren’t so experienced in this field yet. What are the four Puruṣārthas? What is the true purpose of Yoga? What is the main aim of human life according to Hinduism? Take the liberty of investigating this religion more deeply and you’ll definitely give the right answers! Try other religious quizzes of this website like this Christianity trivia quiz or Shinto quiz, or test your knowledge of many other Religions of the World!

Start our absorbing online Hinduism quiz right now, earn hundreds of WisePoints, invite your friends to participate in our free trivia games, and get ready to have fun together!

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