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Protestantism is one of a few faiths widely spread all over the world. Nowadays 15-20% of the population of Brazil, 15-20% of Chili and approximately 20% of the population of South Korea choose Protestantism as their faith. In the last 15 years 500 thousand Muslims converted from Islam to Protestantism. What is the driving force that makes people turn to this faith? Zadavaka is ready to give full answers to you if you take Protestantism quiz questions.
Usually Christians are divided into three religious groups: Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant. Sometimes Baptists are called Protestants, but the fact is that Baptists have never been Protestants. XVI century is considered to be the time when the religion appeared, and it happened due to Martin Luther. As for Baptism, it appeared in the XVII century. Help people not to mix things up!

Protestantism is based on three main principles: salvation through faith, holy orders for all believers and indisputable authority of the Bible. It’s difficult to describe Protestantism as it is, since the outer forms and practices may differ from church to church. Still, it is possible to provide some common features of this religion. Meeting-houses for Protestants as a rule don’t have pompous decorations, sacred images and statues as all these things are considered to be unnecessary. Any building can be the church. It may either be rented or bought on civil terms. Divine service is focused on sermons, prayers, singing psalms in national languages, and communion. Protestants teach that original sin perverted the human nature; therefore a man being capable of committing good deeds can’t save oneself with his valuable accomplishments only. What should a person do then? Learn it in Protestantism free quiz.

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